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'Ay, Mas'r Davy. I doen't rightly know how 'tis, but from over yon there seemed to me to come - the end of it like,' looking at me as if he were waking, but with the same determined face.

Kissy smiled into his eyes and the sun shone on his back and, so far as James Bond was concerned, it was a beautiful day just like all the other days had been - without a cloud in the sky.

If I am asked, what system of political philosophy I substituted for that which, as a philosophy, I had abandoned, I answer, no system: only a conviction that the true system was something much more complex and many-sided than I had previously had any idea of, and that its office was to supply, not a set of model institutions, but principles from which the institutions suitable to any given circumstances might be deduced. The influences of European, that is to say Continental, thought, and especially those of the reaction of the nineteenth century against the eighteenth, were now streaming in upon me. They came from various quarters: from the writings of Coleridge, which I had begun to read with interest even before the change in my opinions; from the Coleridgians with whom I was in personal intercourse; from what I had read of Goethe; from Carlyle's early articles in the Edinburgh and Foreign Reviews, though for a long time I saw nothing in these (as my father saw nothing in them to the last) but insane rhapsody. From these sources, and from the acquaintance I kept up with the French literature of the time, I derived, among other ideas which the general turning upside down of the opinions of European thinkers had brought uppermost, these in particular. That the human mind has a certain order of possible progress, in which some things must precede others, an order which governments and public instructors can modify to some, but not to an unlimited extent: That all questions of political institutions are relative, not absolute, and that different stages of human progress not only will have, but ought to have, different institutions: That government is always either in the hands, or passing into the hands, of whatever is the strongest power in society, and that what this power is, does not depend on institutions, but institutions on it: That any general theory or philosophy of politics supposes a previous theory of human progress, and that this is the same thing with a philosophy of history. These opinions, true in the main, were held in an exaggerated and violent manner by the thinkers with whom I was now most accustomed to compare notes, and who, as usual with a reaction, ignored that half of the truth which the thinkers of the eighteenth century saw. But though, at one period of my progress, I for some time under-valued that great century, I never joined in the reaction against it, but kept as firm hold of one side of the truth as I took of the other. The fight between the nineteenth century and the eighteenth always reminded me of the battle about the shield, one side of which was white and the other black. I marvelled at the blind rage with which the combatants rushed against one another. I applied to them, and to Coleridge himself, many of Coleridge's sayings about half truths; and Goethe's device, "many-sidedness," was one which I would most willingly, at this period, have taken for mine.


When they found the Autobahn exit for Salzburg and Kufstein, Bond said, 'Be an angel and pull in to the side, Tracy. I've got two things to do.'

This Euro-American war was certainly not the war which is being waged while I write this book, in spite of obvious similarities. At this time the Germans had recovered from that extravagant hooliganism which had turned the world against them in an earlier period. They had in a manner reverted from Nazism to the more respectable Prussianism. Other facts also show that this was not our present war. Both India and South Africa had left the British Empire and were already well-established independent states. Moreover, weapons were now of a much more lethal kind, and the American coast was frequently and extensively bombarded by fleets of European planes. In this war Scotland had evidently become the economic centre of gravity of Britain. The Lowlands were completely industrialized, and huge tidal electric generators crowded the western sounds. Tidal electricity had become the basis of Britain’s power. But the British, under their effete financial oligarchy, had not developed this new asset efficiently before the German attack began.

He smiled to himself. The Marthe Richards law had changed all that.



72年,不能苛求了 好久没看到如此爽的片子了~ 这口技太太太屌了。 李碧华这种调调的电影很喜欢,年轻的哥哥很帅。 原来是讲民族问题的啊…… 童年最好的回忆,可惜找不到在线地址了。 Mother那段棒极了 看多了就习惯了 有的不理解有的爽飞了 杨先生是个艺术家 童年最喜欢的电影之一。悼念船长 李灿森的腰真好看 大家都好烦,疯疯癫癫挺有趣 想当年谁不喜欢? 竟然是用电脑做的 叹为观止~~ 被短评里“阿黛尔的性生活”这条笑到...... 镜头用得不错,被震到好几处。 第一次观影献给高中,第二次重温献给大三。 即使是黑白片,镜头语言也很美 很棒的动画片。音乐好听,画面精美。 我们一起看午夜的太阳。 吴宇森在好莱坞为数不多的良心之作。。。 九十二年前的电影了 妙不可言 论演员的自我修养 到后来难以收尾就又变成暴力正义的路线了 武指组:袁祥仁、袁信义、谷轩昭 动作导演:袁和平 vertigo.. 居然有这个条目太美了 挺不错的电影 《日正中天》系列 《路边野餐》的电影版 朗皮朗皮~~~可爱死了~ 昨晚和他趴床上看了嘻咦啊看的介绍,今晚找出来看了 好久没见到如此生动的影像了。 大肚子!~抱抱~~ 赚了我大把眼泪 T T 亮点是宗教的讨论。 好想看现场!!! 这镜头用的太让人揪心了,佩服死了~!!!! 每次看到银河的片头都会热血沸腾,一如既往的宿命论。